14 July 2011
240000 (24h / GMT +3)
Heart of Antalya
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Bugy Bugy Unit

Bugy Bugy

The new Jump Around from Zamperla is a first-of-its-kind, fully interactive family ride that is sure to be a hit amongst kids of all ages. The Jump Around combines beautifully themed ride vehicles with a unique, patent pending interactive bouncing motion.

The Baja Buggy is the first of many themed vehicles that will be available for the Jump Around. Up to four children or one adult and two children can be accomodated in each vehicle for a theoretical hourly capacity of 600 riders per hour. Featuring lots of action with a very small site requirement, the Jump Around is an ideal addition to the kiddieland of any park or carnival.

/// Technical Information

  • Width dimension 7,460 m (24' 5,701")
  • Version Park and Trailer Model
  • Theoretical hourly capacity 600 pph
  • Number of seats 24 passengers (max 6 adults)
  • Minimum passenger height 90 cm (36") if not accompanied
  • Lenght dimension 7,460 m (24' 5,701")
  • Height dimension 3,280 m (10' 91/8")
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